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A full-service Apparel Development company in Los Angeles California

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Wholesale Face Masks

Non-Medical Graded

Comfortable, Washable, and Reusable

Double and Triple Layer Cloth Face Masks Made in The USA.


A Tied Dye Garment Specialist in Los Angeles, catering wet garment specialty services the top brands in America, right from the fashion District in LA, with since 2000.

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Find out how Paradigm can reduce your production cost and increase your Apprael Production and Profits, make an appointment today.

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Paradigm Global Sourcing Manufacturing

Our specialization from concept, design and manufacturing brands overlook to the fulfillment of the highest quality products, at a larger production scale.

Personalizing products with Garment Dye and Tie Dye, go beyond traditional tie, our services are designed to be part of your product line personality.

Create what your heart desires

Paradigm specializes in the fulfillment of your entire apparel process

Not only we help you create your fashion, but we also help execute and produce your creation.


Servicing new companies starting in the fashion industry.

Already Established

Fulfillment services designed for large volume production projects.

Manufacturing the top Fashion Brands in America

Millions, at the highest quality.

Paradigm Services

Setting new PARADIGMS by challenging the status quo and thinking different

Established in Los Angeles Since 2000